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Hillside Elementary School

1st-Grade Fundraiser for Australia

posted March 6, 2020

Ms. VanFleet’s first-grade class at Hillside has been studying Australian animals in conjunction with their animal book reports.  They have been discussing the current events there, and specifically, how the wildlife animals and their habitats have been affected.  In social studies, they were also studying “Goods” and “Services”, and giving back to the community.  And during class meeting time, the Second Step program taught first-graders about empathy. By combining all these concepts into a teachable moment, Ms. VanFleet decided to host a craft fair to support the animals affected by the Australian wildfires. Dr. Lucus even kicked off this craft event and read, The Koala Who Could to her classroom.

Hillside’s generous Community Club purchased materials for her class to make the crafts. The first-graders decorated reusable bags with Australian animals on them. They strung beads with Australian animal charms dangling. Bookmarks with Australian animals were colored and tasseled. The kids colored Australian animal pictures that were turned into badges to be worn. Hung on display at the craft fair, were adorable artwork that the first-graders painted. Mrs. VanFleet and her first-graders welcomed shoppers before, during and after school for an entire week. This gave first-graders a real-life opportunity to practice money counting skills! Their craft fair was even open for business at the Hillside School Dance hosted by Community Club.

Ms. VanFleet was blown away at all the support and donations from the students, parents, and staff.  This one classroom raised a total of $1,812.00!!! All the proceeds went to a fund started by The Henry Doorly Zoo, which in turn will be sent to Zoos Victoria Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund & WIRES.


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