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End-of-Year Procedures

posted May 1, 2020

May 15, 2020 Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

May 15, 2020, will be the day for picking up student belongings left at school and dropping off district materials and items.

What Should Parents/Students Do to Get Ready for Drop-Off on May 15th?

All textbooks, library books, instruments, other items that are the property of our district will need to be returned. Work that was completed at home during eLearning does NOT need to be returned. Please put all materials into a grocery paper sack or plastic bag. School personnel will have a label ready for your bag when you arrive in the pick-up/drop off lane.

It would also be helpful to the staff if you could place a paper with your family’s last name in the window of your vehicle. Staff at grade-level drop-off/pick-up stations may or may not be the grade level teacher(s). This will help them to identify your name so they can quickly locate belongings waiting.


Westside Community Schools will continue to have access to many learning services through the month of June that are accessible on the iPad for student learning. If you do not wish your student to continue learning through the month of June or if you are not returning to Westside Community Schools, please return the iPad, lightning cable, and charging block at this time. Westside will have another collection date from June 29 – July 2nd. The specific iPad return date for this period of time will be communicated to you as we get closer to the end of June.

What Will Families Receive at Drop-Off/Pick-Up?

Our teaching staff will be diligently working to carefully and safely bag all of your child’s belongings and instructional materials by the May 15th drop-off and pick-up day. You will receive all belongings left behind in your student’s classroom and cubby. If you ordered a yearbook, you will receive that with your belongings. Additionally, you will receive an envelope with any awards or certificates, as applicable.

Information to Keep this Day Safe and Healthy

Staff working the return stations have been asked to keep their interactions brief and with minimal contact. Please know that we would like nothing more than to connect and catch up with you! We miss all of our students and families, but staff will work to keep contact brief for safety’s sake.

Procedures on pick-up/drop-off day will prioritize the health and safety of our families and staff. Staff members will be wearing protective masks and gloves. Staff will have bags outside at pick-up stations, and families will not be entering the school. Please stay in your vehicle as you approach the grade level drop-off/pick-up station. Staff will come to your vehicle to pick up and label your bag(s). If you or someone in your home is in quarantine or has Covid-19, please do not visit the school. We will find an alternate day and time for you to receive your materials. Simply contact Mrs. Bailey at bailey.cynthia@westside66.net or Mrs. McGuire at mcguire.quinn@westside66.net.

We appreciate your support for and adherence to our pick-up/drop-off procedures. On this day, we ask for your patience, cooperation and support as we swap materials. This is unlike any year that staff, students, and parents have experienced in closing down our classrooms and the school. We appreciate all that you have done to support us and our Hillside Tigers during this unprecedented time, including this last day of school.

Thank you for reading this material in detail, and we look forward to seeing you on Friday, May 15th.

Pick-up/Drop-off Schedule

A – C 9:00-9:30D – F 9:30-10:00

G – I 10:00-10:30

J – L 10:30-11:00

M – O 11:00-11:30

P – R 11:30-12:00

Lunch Break

S – U 12:30 1:00

V – X 1:00 – 1:30

Y – Z 1:30 – 2:00

Please arrive at Hillside within the time frame for your family’s last name (we realize there are some families with students who have different last names; that is okay–pick a name!) and go to the grade-level stations for pick-up and drop-off of items. See the map below for pick-up/drop-off locations.

Make-up Day is Tuesday, May 19

If you are not able to come at all on May 15, we will schedule a make-up time to drop off and pick up items. More information to come regarding a make-up day.
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