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Hillside is taking steps to be green!

Posted January 17, 2019


This year, Hillside took a few more steps to become a greener school. For many years, you could walk into a classroom and find a recycling can next to a garbage can. Thanks to the Crayola company, they have made it very easy to recycle used markers. If you have any markers at home that no longer work, please send them to the school with your child. All we do is box up the used markers, use the prepaid shipping label from Crayola and send them off to be recycled. One less item in our landfill!

Our next step was creating a “share table” to be set out during the lunch hours. For many years, staff would painfully watch numerous students throw away perfectly uneaten or unopened items into the garbage. Things needed to be changed. Now, thanks to the help of our wonderful kitchen staff and student council members, we have a “share” table.  If a student has an item that has been uneaten (apples, bananas, pears, etc) or unopened (cheese stick, yogurt, juice, milk, etc.) at the end of breakfast or lunch, that child places the item inside a cooler labeled “No Thank-You.” Then during the day, student council members, who have been trained, wash each “no thank you” item to respect the food handling laws. These items are then laid out the next day on the “Please Take” table. Therefore, children who are still hungry at lunch or would like to take an item for an afternoon/after school snack may take the item for free. We are so happy that these food items are now in the hands of hungry kids instead of the landfill.

In partnership with Hillside Solutions, our school started composting on Monday, January 7th. The food waste goes to their compost farm. Mr. Eddie Harris, our school’s head engineer, reported that daily he would remove around five garbage bags from the lunchroom. Now after the composting bins appeared, he is only taking out two. We are diverting about 60% of our waste from the landfill!! Hillside was featured on WOWT. Take a look at the coverage at this link.

What will Hillside’s next “green” step be? …maybe raised garden beds….who knows? Stay tuned!


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